The artists on this site gathered at the Chateau de Vogüé in Ardèche (France) in summer 2009 for the exhibition “Le geste suspendu”. They were selected by Christine Macé, the curator of the exhibition and founder of the “Terres d’écritures” association based in Grignan, France.

chateau vogue

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The idea of the exhibition was to present the world’s three main writing systems through the work of contemporary artists, who are distinguished not only for the originality of their art work but for their knowledge of the civilisation behind each form of writing. In the ocean of ink, the mind must hold firm, Shitao told us in the 17th century.

Some wield a pen, others are masters of the single brush stroke, but all these artists keep the spirit of ink alive for us. They come from France, Italy, Switzerland, Morocco, Iraq, China and are calligraphers, painters, graphic artists, sculptors and poets.

They know and enjoy the classical poems but also explore the work of contemporary authors and often draw their inspiration from nature. Their art takes us on a journey through the landscapes of the three great writing systems, which originated in Western Europe, the Middle East and China .....

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